“I own my own website and I’m naked!”

Since I spoke those famous words (my husband could barely control his laughter), I have put on some clothes. I had just stepped out of the shower, when I received the phone call and could hold back my excitement.

Sorry to disappoint, but there is not any nudity on this website.

Those were the first words that I said to my husband once my domain was approved to be released! I was so ecstatic that I owned my own website. A project where I can be myself and fully clothed.

Welcome to the Fiery Imp Page!

Please have a seat and enjoy a nice  beverage (a adult beverage is preferred) and have a look around.

I’m new to this whole “blogging” sensation, I’m not sure what I’m doing on here. Actually, I do, at least from a personal aspect. I’m using this blog as a form of therapy. No, I’m not crazy and need professional help (ok, maybe I do), but therapy as seen as a purpose. Let me explain.

I am, once again, unemployed. After my years in the Navy, I have struggled to find a consistent career and a workplace that I “fit” into. I am terrified of not being able to use my cognitive ability to express myself with feeling secluded from the rest of the world inside of my house. I have a strong feeling that blogging can help put my desire at ease by writing out my day activities and hobbies, and reaching out to the world. Even if no one is listening, this is my current project and job.

Throughout this blog, I am planning on sharing (in no particular order);

  • DIY projects (I need someway to spend my day after I apply for jobs)
  • Outings and Fitness (Gold Hunting, Hiking, trying to run faster than a zombie)
  • My Photography
  • Sewing Projects (When I actually get my sewing machine cleaned)
  • Social Discussions (I should actually use my degree that the tax payers paid for)
  • Fuzzy Terrorist aka my Pets (the ones I spend most of my time with)
  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly- of being Unemployed (watch out, this one can go pretty deep)

I’m not looking for fame or even to be paid by this blog. Honestly, no one ever has to read this. This blog is for me and presented by me. This is who I am, and hopefully, this is where I “fit” into.

To the blogs to come and Welcome All! Cheers my friends!


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