Off Centered Wreath

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, had some coffee and wanted to try out an idea that popped into my head when I cut up my first tomato cage. After I had detached all of the rings from the cage to make a wreath frame, I liked how an off-centered frame looked. So, today I decided to try it out. There is a little bit of disappointment, but I think with a few more adjustments, I can get what I envisioned.

I placed the rings together in the fashion that I wanted them.

Off set wreath rings

Off set wreath rings


I started to wire them together. After I had finished the project, it looks like my rings were moving around a bit. So I recommend, securing your rings more than you would with a normal, even wreath frame. I ended up having to add a few more supports after my project was finished.

The plan for this wreath; was another 4th of July wreath but have the frame off-centered and incorporate the ribbon with the offset. Therefore, the offset wires had a shorter amount of ribbon. The length of the ribbon would increase as I attached it to the larger sides of the rings. The greatest gap in-between ring’s 1 & 2, had a long length of fabric going across the top.  When there was a small gap, between 1 & 2 at the south end of my frame, the length of the ribbon was quite short in comparison to the northern (top) of my wreath. I repeated this sequence, all around my wreath.

This is craptastic picture, you can tell the lengths are different but no clear vision of the off-set to you bottom left.

Off set? Where?

Off set? Where?

Another change I made from my previous wreath, the cloth ties that attach the ribbon to the frame. Of course, I didn’t think of this idea until I was finished, yes, I’m that awesome. But it may have worked out better that way! Maybe. I started to replace all of my cloth ties, with zip ties. In this household, EVERYTHING is fixed with a zip tie. No need for duct tape, nope, just a bag of zip ties and we can fix anything!!  It just makes sense, to fully secure my ribbon to the frame with the most amazing product ever, black zip ties.

The pro’s of the zip ties, nothing is moving, only slightly across the frame. The ribbon is very secured! It also looks a little bit tidier. That’s where the plus side ends. Zip ties are sharp! Once you cut the tails off, the hard plastic is quite harsh to the touch. Also, once you’ve zipped your zip, there is no turning back! You can cut the zip tie if you make a mistake, but then you take a risk at cutting the ribbon. So be careful when cutting and zipping.

The one good thing with my finished the project, once I started to place the zip ties, I knew where to zip. I can image a lot of mistakes being made, if I hadn’t tied the ribbon first with fabric and then went back to use a zip tie. To zip tie first, the ribbon would have been tightly secured, but if I needed to make a slight alteration I would have to cut the zip tie and start over. You cannot undo a zip tie.

In all, I like my wreath that I made for my mother. Because I used deco ribbon, you can’t tell that the frame was off centered, it’s too fluffy. I will try another off centered wreath, but use scrap fabric instead. In the end, I want people to see that it is offset, because that is what makes this project unique. I have yet to see a off-centered frame in the craft stores, just your basic three ring circus. I thought it would be a little avant-garde to hang the wreath with the short ribbon and decorations off centered on the wall. Maybe it’s not avant-garde (stretching the idea a little bit :-)), if I had just picked up this wreath, I would have hung it with the decorations on the bottom.

Maybe there is little visual off-set due to the Fiery Imp’s associate, Shelby. The amount of help she provides is priceless! Of course, she helps with designing my projects; by chewing the ribbon and discarding any flowers directly from the wreath that is unpleasant to the eye. A true artist (and lap warmer, she’s judging this post as I type).

Shelby, all American!

Shelby, all American!

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