The Good- Part I

Becoming unemployed will cause a waterfall of emotions and reactions. Unemployment can be viewed as a good thing, if you’re in an unhealthy environment or it may a chance to look inward and find a career that you enjoy. By using a problem-solving style of approach, may help with coping with this new lifestyle.

This is the healthiest of emotions and actions one can take when they are involuntarily unemployed. Losing a job can be compared to the lost of a loved one, you are grieving. I won’t be discussing the other emotions during this article (there will be plenty of time for that as we move forward); I would just like to focus on the good. There are more damaging sides of unemployment, if you can focus on how to be supportive and enjoy your new found vacation, finding a new job may not look so bleak.

I believe each person goes through different approaches to cope with job loss depending on what stage that they are in. If a person is stuck in a rut, and is depressed over their new position, he/she may sink into a passive problem-solving style. This passive approach is pushed inwards with a separation from social events, self worry about unemployment and blaming oneself or others. This is a downward spiral of coping mechanisms, but is usually an approach that all unemployed persons go through. It just depends on how long it will last, but becoming actively problem solving has more rewards towards your initial goal of finding a job.

Just as the name applies, these mechanisms are problem-solving when approached with a problem. At the moment, you’re unemployed, let’s find a way out of it and solve this dilemma. Depending on the reason you’re unemployed and the goal you are trying to obtain, will help define how to actively solve your current condition. For the sake of writing a 10 page paper, the problem at the moment is just coping. You are doing everything you can; applying for jobs and lowering spending habits but still need to cope with the anxiety and depression.

Use the job loss to your favor and to help solve your problem of being unemployed by trying to better oneself. Not in the context that you are a bad person and need to change, but to better your position. If at all possible (financially), return to school to earn a higher degree or take a few classes. Get out there, be productive and take control. Become socially active, visit old friend or make new ones, don’t just hideaway and let the depression eat you alive. Start your own business, or a large project. All of these ideas have a common suggestion.

If you notice with all of these suggestions, the importance is giving yourself a goal, giving yourself the responsibility of solving a problem and making your day worth waking up for. You had this once, when you were working, try to create the same atmosphere within your own home. You can even do your daily work routine every day (except weekends), only “work” towards your goal between 8-5 and include lunches and breaks. Give yourself your own job as your trying to find a new one.

I’m not suggesting that this is the only solution to the problem, I am a control freak, I believe that I have most of the control over my life and career with only a small percentage of luck. There are other people who solely believe in luck, that they will be in the right place and the right time.  Others unemployed people are ok with their current position of not working. Others will take any job that is presented to them. We are all different; I’m only speaking about how I cope with it and what is working for me. You must decide on how you can use your unemployment to benefit you. Take note, that you may have already gone through this step or have repeated it multiple times like I have. I want to continue this idea and express what I have done to cope. After we’ve finished discussing the good, we’ll move on to the bad and the ugly of being jobless. I’m sure all of us can relate to each phase in our own ways.

I’ll create Part II to explain my position, how I’ve tried to expand myself, including the reason for this website.