Spark the flame

The Imp on Fire

This Imp has been misbehavin’! Ha! Actually I’ve been keeping myself busy, too busy, haven’t had time to post anything. Did you miss me?

I’ve been working on a few postings at one time (told you I was busy), and have a few more planned. Hopefully I will make time to make the final touches on my postings, especially about being unemployed.

As you know, I’ve created this blog/website to express what I do to keep my sanity as a jobless imp, even though I haven’t posted much on unemployment , I have kept myself busy. This week I’ve created outdoor curtains for my back patio, prepped 7 crock-pot meals, drank a few beers, applied for more jobs and also tested a crock-pot bread recipe. Doesn’t sound like a lot huh? Since there is 8-10 hours a day to do stuff, you may expect more. Well, sadly, I’ve been nursing my much tamed feral cat, Fluff.

Fluff has been in my master bathroom trying to heal from an auto-immune disease that affects her tissue in her paw pads. The poor thing could barely walk and was under nourished because of the lack of mobility getting to her food. I’ve been researching and nursing her back to health. We already have one medically dependent cat, we cannot afford another. You will be seeing another post, hopefully to let you know how adorable she is and how you can add her to your family as adopted pet. She can’t live outside and without medication, unless my second idea works that I’ve started to research, raw diet.

I’ll spare you this time for the raw food diet rant! Honestly, I’m not truly convinced on a pure RAW diet; I am leaning towards a half raw and half cooked diet for my felines and pup. This type of wild eating may cure or help with the conditions my cats have and may get in the near future (Pantera is pushing 12 years old). We have no children, my little terrorist team mean the world to me. I should be feeding them a better diet, like the one I plan to feed a child once we acquire one. Minimal processed food, occasional fast food (some days you just want shit food! And McDonalds French fries), but most importantly, home cooked meals. I’m not going to say, organic, because that is out of my price range. We need a roof over our head and not just organic chicken! From the websites that I am studying, the prices are no different than I what I already spend, it just more of my time. I think one Sunday (or any day for that matter) every few months, I can spend prepping meals for my family, including the fur balls.

This brings up my prepping operation today. I prepped 7 frozen crock-pot meals and enough bread dough to last a week (depending on how much my husband devours). In as little as a hour and a half, I prepped the meals and took my sweat time. I will include a posting of the crock pot meals once I know that these recipes are tasty. You can find plenty of “frozen crock pot recipes” on the all knowing Google machine. If you can’t wait for my review, here is the link for the crock pot bread.

And for the bread recipe; (once I receive my unemployment benefits, I’ll be buying their cook book)

(Unlike a few websites I read yesterday, I will not plagiarize!)

Finally, the back yard curtains! That post is nearly done. I’ve been wanting to finish this project for a year now. I have plenty of time now! I added painter’s cloth curtains to my back patio to add some grace and privacy. Once I clean up my backyard (everything is overgrown and sandy), I will post how my brain figured out a way to accomplish the impossible with aluminum patio structures!

I didn’t forget about my blog, I was just busy!  Prepare yourself for some random Impish activities in the weeks to come. I may even sneak in a gold hunting trip since the weather in California is so beautiful! You know I have to say this, at least once and because I love the Hunger Games, “The girl on fire!” Or “The Imp on fire”!